By embracing conceptualism and honoring transgender pride, design a book cover that visually represents the author’s autobiography.
The double standards we face in our modern society regarding gender, plague transgender folks on a daily basis. While conforming to labels is the norm in today’s world, trans people sing their own song by going against the grain and staying true to themselves. This design exudes conceptualism from start to finish. While the eye moves down the cover, it can get lost in the myriad of labels seemingly adhered to the design, while enduring a black and white landscape indicative of our binary society. Quickly though, a butterfly, a symbol of the trans community for its famous transformative life stages, appears. Overwhelming the design, the butterfly unapologetically takes over the image bringing the page to life, with transgender pride colors and almost swallowing the binary labels whole. Ever so neatly, the transgender pride symbol can be seen, as if cut into the butterfly’s wing. This was a significant project from start to finish, being near to my heart, and one I was honored to be a part of.
Ai • Ps

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