Emulate the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center’s mission of advocacy and professionalism while developing a cohesive brand for the 10th Anniversary weekend events.
The 10-year anniversary events were a culmination of staff, faculty, and alumni that have been involved in the CCLC’s success over the decade. To maintain consistency and brand recognition, for an audience that spanned 10 years, color and simplicity were paramount. While utilizing a soft cream color background and a crisp pairing of Garamond and Helvetica, the brand developed with a soft but dignified presence. The strong maroon and black color scheme, the CCLC utilized in its logo, was slightly softened in its saturation which helped to pair the brand recognition with something easy on the eyes. This was critical, primarily because three banner-style timeline pieces measuring five feet in height were displayed at the events which told the story of how the CCLC came to be over the decade. With such large prints, accompanied by much smaller collateral, such as invitations, thank you cards, event programs, and marketing material, the 10-year anniversary brand had to emulate clarity from start to finish.
Illustrator | InDesign

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