Create a clock that emulates a historical designer’s style.
The Miffy Clock was born utilizing 3D modeling software and a 3D printer. Evoking the style of world-renowned designer, Dick Bruna, the clock was born considering Bruna’s famous character, Miffy. I immediately faced challenges learning to work with three dimensions instead of just two. After encountering roadblocks and failures, my perseverance won over; after much research, and PLA, the Miffy Clock began to take shape. The clock is an ode to Mr. Bruna’s 60 year career. In the shape of the bunny, Miffy, the clock embraces a simplistic, pictogram-like structure, proudly showing off the four colors Bruna strictly adhered to; and just as his famous children’s books had just four lines of text on each left page, the clock boasts just four numbers on its hand painted face.
Tinkercad • Cura • Prntrbot Simple
1.75mm PLA • Acrylic Paint • Quartex Q-80 Quartz Clock Movement • (LoL) Lots of Love
The Design
the build
the results

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