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it's all about the layout

Combining techniques such as contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and hierarchy, is the name of this game. My goal is to attract the reader’s attention and it’s not just a pretty picture that does the trick! By utilizing core design concepts, my print ads combine techniques that will create an eye-catching, yet, easy to read poster.

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consistency is not just for cooks

Without branding we would be lost in a world of ever-changing designs. To maintain consistency and ease of use, branding is a must. No, we’re not talking hot-iron-in-the-fire branding, although the idea is much the same, sans the iron. When a company has the need for organization within their many facets of advertising and design, this is where I come in. I combine a well-designed logo and color palette to create brand material that will leave a company looking recognizable to anyone, in any language, across the globe.

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Book Covers Content

Book Covers

designed with the reader in mind

We’ve all heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, in the world of design, that’s exactly what we prepare for! If not effective, the cover is the first and last attribute they see of the book. In designing a cover with the reader in mind, it is paramount to integrate just enough pizazz while being able to articulate the soul of the book. Give away too much, and the book will be read by the cover, give away just enough and the book can be experienced by the cover.

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Business Cards Content

Business Cards

share your brand

Business cards are, not only essential to networking, but provide important information to your clients. Your cards are often the first thing a client sees when it comes to your business so naturally they should be well designed. This is where branding and efficient layout come in. It’s important to maintain a consistent brand through your business cards but a well-thought-out layout is paramount to make those tiny cards easy to read and a joy to look at.

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Logo Content

Logo Design

less is more

Logos are the foundation of an effective branding strategy. One of the most recognizable assets your company has is its logo. To design an effective logo, it’s important to consider what the company means, what it stands for, and who it is. Less is more in logo design; take Nike’s logo for example. To convey the company in a simplistic, easy to recognize image that’s designed to be consistent across many platforms is the ultimate goal of any logo designer.

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