Create a logo for LASSO, an assessment tool used to track the progress of students from one year to the next.
Starting with concepts and basic ideas of what LASSO is, the team decided on a logo that would represent the growth of success. Once a bar graph was decided upon, the first set of designs went out to the clients. I quickly learned they also wanted to indicate the idea of before and after, much like the students who would be utilizing the assessment tool before and after their year of study. This is the benefit of implementing multiple iterations, to completely grasp the ideas and intentions of the client.
After deciding on a logo consisting of two pages and an upwards oriented line, indicating progression, it was time for color. The fourth iteration of the LASSO logo included a color scheme that aligned with the tool’s parent website. After the final logo was decided upon, I created a branding guide, complete with typeface, color scheme, and minor variations of the logo to assist with different applications. I added a personal touch, a dynamic logo, showing the pages appear as if before the assessment, and then after, followed by the line progressing its way to success.
Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effects
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